Doll Lera in the summer dress

Doll Lera in the summer dress

27.00 $
Art.: 11F177
Height: 30 cm

Lera - unique, kind and sincere doll with a pretty face and a nice smile. Dressed in a beautiful knitted bright sarafan, edged openwork. Doll is decorated with beautiful beads and bright knit wrap on hair. The doll has blond long hair, gathered in two pigtails that comes apart easily and it allows small craftswomen their comb and then simulate different hairstyles. Choosing for your girl the doll Lera, you get not only a toy, but a real little friend with whom your child will be incredibly interesting.

Develops: fine motor skills, tactile sensations, plot-role-playing games.
A Toy is filled by a hypoallergenic filler (polyester fiber).

It well keeps a form, isn't deformed, doesn't absorb moisture

and odors, are non-flammable, is durable in operation and washings.
Material: cotton,  love

Filling material: polyester fiber

made from natural materials
your child will love to pick up, just for the feel of holding them close
Every toy is unique, with its own character and charm
comply with safe the Standard EN 71

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